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VA Studio 2 It’s nice to be back and working with friends and colleagues at the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.  Last week I worked as a camera operator on a live broadcast for VA staff about new and innovative ways to deliver medicines to patients with MS.  It was great to be working with Utah broadcasting legend Terry Wood.  Terry is the consummate professional.  He puts the non-professional presenters he’s working with at ease and makes everyone’s job a little bit easier.

The following day we shot still photos for a Suicide Prevention course that will be given to all non-clinical staff at the VA.

I know the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs has gotten some bad press over the years, and some of it deservedly so.  But I can tell you from first hand experience that there are many, many great things accomplished for Veterans at VA hospitals that the press doesn’t cover.  I’ve been to and shot in VA hospitals all over the country, from Alaska to Florida, New York to California and Texas to Minnesota to name just a few.  I’m always amazed at the dedicated, hard working staff of health care providers and professionals that care for our Veterans.  I’ve seen Veterans hug their providers and thank them for the changes they’ve made in their lives.  I’ve watched them both weep when talking about how much they care for one another and the great level of care that is provided to Veterans.  Is it an imperfect system?  Certainly.  Any organization that size is going to experience inefficiencies.  I just wish the press would cover more of the success stories that we see come out of the VA rather than only the negative.  Here’s a few links to some shows I’ve either shot or Produced and Directed for the VA that are aimed at helping Veterans, training staff and educating the families of Veterans.  This is just the tip of the iceberg  when it comes to the great things that are happening at the VA today.

Connected Health –  How the VA uses Technology to help treat Veterans long distance and stays connected with them in their homes.  I was the D.P. on this film.

PACT Teams – A short version of a 30 minute documentary about how the VA uses interconnected teams of providers to deliver great healthcare.  I produced and directed this show.

Driving With Parkinson’s Disease – I’ve produced and directed more than a half dozen of this type of informational program designed to help patients and families suffering from PD.

Hope you enjoy.

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