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Do you remember the Interactive Videodisc?  I’ve been working with Allen Communication Learning Services since the early ’80’s.  It’s true, we started working together in 1982!  It’s what you’d call a long term relationship.  The Founders at Allen Communication were pioneers in the art and science of interactive video.  Since 2010 I’ve been lucky enough to work with their clients in New York producing training for Mental Health Providers.  One of the organizations we work with is RFMH but mainly we work with the folks at The Center for Practice Innovations  They are affiliated with Columbia University and the New York State Psychiatric Institute.    Together we have created over a dozen different training programs to assist Healthcare Providers.  Our topics have ranged from Violence Risk Assessment to SBIRT Screening, Tobacco Cessation and Cultural Formulation Interviews among many others.


Katie Maguire – Photo by Greg Windley Handstand Productions

Right now we were working on the 4th in a series of Suicide Prevention programs. I spent two days in NYC in February shooting video and stills.  I had the opportunity to work with a very talented actress Katie Maguire.  Here’s a couple of the still photos I shot of her for the course.  We spent a day working in a small park next to our location and a second day shooting in an office/clinical setting.  Katie’s performance was fantastic.  She was working with an actual therapist in a role play about suicide risk assessment, she made the scene very real.  We’ve also created courses on assessing suicidal ideation, safety planning for at risk individuals and how to follow up and monitor patients with suicidal behavior.


Katie Maguire

I mentioned in an earlier post that we shot still photos for a suicide prevention training course for the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs just a few days ago.  It’s a crazy small world, but about 5 years ago I directed a shoot at the VA with Dr. Barbara Stanley where we brought in actors and had them ad lib and role play a suicide safety plan with Dr. Stanley playing the clinician.  About two years ago I got a call from our clients at the Center for Practice Innovation wondering how they could get to me some footage that the VA had produced about suicide safety plans.  I asked “Is it a clinician talking to several different patients in a black limbo studio setting?”  They said yes, and I told them, “What are the chances???  I directed that program and can just take care of getting the footage from my contacts at the VA!”  We used that footage in The Center’s training and since then we’ve worked with Dr. Stanley on all of the Suicide Prevention programs in New York.  It is a small, small world.   🙂

SP Set

Suicide Risk Assessment Clinical Setting


Katie & Beth Preparing for Role Play

Here’s a few more production stills from our last shoot and the final shot is of Gerald Hartley and I shooting a scene in NYC about Assessing Suicidal Ideation from one of the earlier courses.


Assessing Suicidal Ideation Greg Windley – Camera/Gerald Hartley – Sound

I’m grateful that I get to work on these kinds of projects.  They help me learn and grow as a professional and as a human being.  And I’m grateful for long term relationships with clients like Allen Communication Learning Services and The Center for Practice Innovation.  Sometimes living in a small world with coincidences is really, really nice.

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