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I was introduced to Robert Selliah about a year ago.  Robert is the founder of American MedChem, a non-profit organization whose goal is to create targeted medicines for rare pediatric diseases.  You can check out AMC’s web site here:  We were able to collaborate with Robert and produce this short film to help with fundraising efforts.  www.Creating Cures To Save Lives.  We tell the story of two families with children that have rare childhood illnesses that one day can be cured if precision/targeted medicines can become a reality.  Big Pharmaceutical companies can’t create drugs for small populations of patients.  That’s the beauty of AMC.  It’s a non-profit organization that does not answer to shareholders.  Robert says that AMC’s responsibility is to the sick children of the world. One of the big bonuses of working on this project was that I was able to collaborate with my good friend Bruce Aoki from Wildwood Productions.  Bruce and I co-directed and shot the show together and then collaborated on the post production.  Special thanks also go to Wayne Dahl of White Light Productions and Jeff Hall of Jeff Hall Sound for donating time, equipment and their exceptional skills and talents to the project.  You can see the finished program on my home page or from the link above.  Please take a moment to watch and you can also contribute to AMC’s fundraising efforts here:
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